Project Documents

Documents related to the study, including meeting materials, fact sheets, the final report, and maps, are posted here.


You can download the final MCUS Report and Implementation Plan here

MARB Cumulative Glare Study Analysis Report

You can download the MARB Cumulative Glare Study Analysis Report here

Meeting Materials

Meeting materials include all the materials that are provided at the public meetings, including informative PowerPoint presentations used to facilitate discussions and interactive exercises.

Fact Sheets

Fact sheets will be prepared at key points in the MCUS process to keep the community well informed and up to date. Check back here for the latest fact sheet.

Fact Sheet 1: Project Overview

Fact Sheet 2: Strategy Toolbox


Summary maps that are prepared for certain phases of the process will be shared as PDFs. Other maps pertaining to the Study Area and compatibility factors will be available in the draft and final March ARB Compatible Use Study reports, once published.

Study Area

Forecasted Population by 2035

Forecasted Employment by 2045

Forecasted Households by 2045

Airfield Environment

Airfield Noise Environment

Air Quality (PM 2.5)


Runway 12-30 Safety Zones

Runway 14 Safety Zones

Runway 32 Safety Zones

Built Environment in Accident Potential Zones

Runway 14-32 North Clear Zone

Runway 14-32 South Clear Zone

Riverside County ALUC Rooftop PV Cases

Nighttime Light Pollution Near March ARB

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